Class of 2021 Induction Ceremony
Saturday, January 23, 2021, 7:00 pm
Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel


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 1998 and 1999 … years that the Raleigh Wings won the UNITED SOCCER LEAGUE (USL) W-LEAGUE W-1 Division National Championship!   The team won its back-to-back championships in the team’s first two years of existence.

 In January 2021, the North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame will recognize the Raleigh Wings as its newest honoree in its National Champions Hall of Honor, which was established in 2012 to honor North Carolina teams and programs that have won national championships.

 Several current Hall of Fame members played on the team … Carla Overbeck (2001); Siri Mullinix (2010); Cindy Parlow Cone (2017) … and Susan Ellis (2019) was the assistant coach.

 In addition, many current members of the National Champions Hall of Honor were on the team … Jessica (Celi) Hain and Megan (Jeidy) Crotts of the 1977 Raleigh Spartans (HOH, 2013) … and Carla Overbeck, Siri Mullinix, Cindy Parlow Cone, Nel Fettig (Hayes), Angela Kelly, Wendy (Gebauer) Palladino, Bettina Fletcher, Staci Wilson, Zola Springer, Nicole Roberts (Anisi), Robin Confer, Susan Ellis and Bill Palladino of UNC Chapel Hill Women’s Soccer (HOH, 2014).

 The complete roster of players over the two-year period (with married name if available in parentheses): Betsy Anderson (Jacketti); Samantha Baggett (Bohon); Silvana Burtini; Kate Clifton (Cannon); Robin Confer; Diane Drake; Tracy Ducar; Andrea Ellison; Nel Fettig (Hayes); Bettina Fletcher; Wendy Gebauer (Palladino); Jessica Celi (Hain); Brynn Hardman; Jordan Huber; Megan Jeidy (Crotts); Angela Kelly; April Kemper; Katherine Mertz; Sandy Miller; Siri Mullinix; Carla Overbeck; Cindy Parlow (Cone); Stephanie Poncher (Hempen); Jode Osborn (Ritsema); Nicole Roberts (Anisi); Kim Rosenberg; Kristen Samuhel (Clarey); Kim Smith; Zola Springer (now Solamente); Thori Staples (Bryan); Kelly Walbert (Cagle); Kristy Whelchel (Hartfolis); Staci Wilson; Kim Yankowski (Montgomery) and Mary Ward Younger (Boerner).

 The team coaches were Bill Palladino (head) and Susan Ellis (assistant).  Team owners were Hugo Uyttenhove and Kristin Conrad.

 The Class of 2021 NC Soccer Hall of Fame and National Champions Hall of Honor Induction Banquet will be held on Saturday, January 23, 2021, at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel.

 On the same occasion, three or four individuals, yet to be determined, will be inducted as the newest members of the North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame.

 In being honored, the 1998 and 1999 Raleigh Wings will stand in tall company.

The North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame was established in 1996 to recognize and honor those persons, either player, coach, referee or administrator, that have made significant contributions to the game of soccer in the State of North Carolina. To be eligible, inductees would have spent several years in North Carolina directly involved in and promoting the game.  Those with primarily regional or national accomplishments may also be considered when those accomplishments draw attention to furthering the game in the State by virtue of their prior relationship in North Carolina.

In 2012 the NCHSOF Board of Directors added the National Champions Hall of Honor category to honor North Carolina teams and programs that have won national championships at the highest levels of competition in youth, amateur adult, college or professional soccer.