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North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame
Clyde Simms IV

Bob HathawayIn Clyde Simms, the North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame welcomes a shining example of a strong individual who continues to persevere. From first being undrafted by the MLS after college, he ended up playing nine years in the league. And from dealing with the knowledge of a medical condition he has had and known about since high school, he has become an active spokesperson in the fight against it. We honor here an athlete and human being who is an inspiration in the field of hard knocks.

Simms grew up in Jamestown, NC, and played on the Jamestown Jammers club team that also featured William Hesmer (NC Soccer HOF 2014). Attending Southwest High in High Point, he would eventually follow fellow alumnus Eddie Pope (NC Soccer HOF 2000) into professional soccer. So the examples were certainly there for him. But the road would not be easy.

Clyde Simm's HOF Induction Bio

Clyde Simms and Family
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