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North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame
Josh McKinney

Bob Hathaway A sparkling soccer career that began a generation ago and ended in June 2014 gets deserved recognition with the induction of Josh McKinney into the North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame in 2015. His is an inspirational story that can teach all of us something about the power of the competitive spirit.

A West Virginia native, McKinney was born with a form of cerebral palsy that primarily affects the muscles on the right side of his body. His mother Nancy, a guiding and driving force in his life, sought to alleviate his condition by having him play league soccer as early as age four. Club and high school experiences would follow, along with four years of play with Concord College in Athens, WV (1999-2002). But it would be in 1995 that Josh would find his real athletic calling, as he first discovered the existence of seven-a-side Paralympic soccer. He rose quickly in the ranks and actually led the 1996 US National team in scoring in Atlanta with five goals as they finished fourth. And so the legacy of Josh McKinney had truly begun.

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